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Infrastructure Improvement Projects

Plumbing Upgrades & Backflow Preventer Installation
VA Medical Center - Newington, CT

Alares Construction Inc. upgraded the main water supply lines and installed new backflow preventers to improve the public water supply protection. Alares Construction Inc. also installed new gates valves to accommodate annual EPA testing.

Infrastructure Improvement Projcet Work

Trench Drain Installation
VA Medical Center - Jamaica Plain, MA

Alares Construction Inc. installed a prefabricated trench drain and work included excavation, earthmoving, paving and landscape modifications including new rip rap, landscape fabric and concrete curb. This project improved drainage into an existing drain basin at the building access slope, which was highly susceptible to flooding.

Infrastructure Improvement Projcet Work
Infrastructure Improvement Projcet Work
Infrastructure Improvement Projcet Work
Infrastructure Improvement Projcet Work

Gate Valve Replacement
VA Medical Center – West Roxbury, MA

Alares Construction Inc. removed and replaced 23 eight inch gate valves and valve boxes. Work included excavation, saw-cutting, plumbing, backfilling and paving. This project replaced failed gate valves, providing control over water flow into and around the medical campus.

Infrastructure Improvement Projcet Work

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The project would not have run as smoothly without Alares Construction Inc.’s flexibility, professionalism, and experience. It was a pleasure to work with them on this project. We are thrilled with the way our clinic turned out. Alares Construction Inc. has helped us set a new bar for what our expectations are in the future.

– Department of Veteran Affairs