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Patient Privacy Improvements

VA Medical Center – Brockton, MA

Alares Construction Inc. scope of work included a complete renovation of a live-in Mental Health facility at the VA Medical Center in Brockton, MA. Alares Construction Inc. worked with the VA to ensure the work was minimally invasive to the sensitive needs of the patients and we phased the project such that the program did not need to decrease occupancy during renovations. In addition to the reconstruction of the wings to add private restrooms, Alares Construction Inc. installed energy efficient lighting and HVAC equipment to lower the operating costs of the building.

Self-performed: Supervision, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC equipment installation, Framing, Drywall & Ceiling Installation

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Contractor assisted the VA with paperwork & Equipment data required to receive a utility incentive. The completed project improved heating control saving 8474 therms/year and qualifying for a $12,711 incentive.

- Department of Veteran Affairs