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Advanced Metering Construction

New England Federal Buildings | General Services Administration

New England Federal Buildings
  1. Specialized experience evaluating buildings and HVAC systems
  2. Provided 12% in Utility Savings
  3. Chilled water and Steam Assessments

This energy savings project helped the GSA monitor electric, gas, oil and water usage and achieve its sustainability goals.

The General Services Administration (GSA) contracted with Alares Construction Inc. to design and install advanced metering system in over 30 federal buildings across New England.

This project included commissioning the advanced metering system also.

Alares Construction Inc. self-performed the design as well as the installation and commissioning of the electric, natural gas, steam, and water meters. The meters had to be designed to work within the GSA internal server network. Alares Construction Inc. also had to ensure that the meters communicated with the data recorders.

In addition, the project involved intensive coordination as well as communication with each of the nine building representatives. Alares Construction Inc. had to conduct building surveys to determine the most effective conduit routes from the meter locations to the GSA switch.

Once the meters were installed, Alares Construction Inc. commissioned the meters and conducted training for the operation of the meters.

At Alares Construction Inc., quality control and project management
delivery systems ensure

Our Performance is Exemplary

The contractor performance was outstanding throughout the contract. Alares Construction Inc. was an integral and proactive partner in the resolution of a complex manufacturer's hardware communications issue effecting all of the nine (9) facilities, and committed time and resources Beyond the scope, to provide GSA with the required systems performance to meet specifications.

– General Services Administration