About Us

We are often asked, “Why the name Alares?” or “What does Alares mean?”

The name Alares has significant meaning for our organization. Alares were a kind of militia among the Romans; so called from ala, a wing, because of their lightness and swiftness in combat. The name Alares was selected because our philosophy is to achieve our clients’ objectives in a swift manner without sacrificing quality for speed.

The military root of the name Alares also complements the background of the owner and founder, Don Maggioli. Don is a graduate of West Point and a former Green Beret. He instills that same military “can-do” attitude with our staff and subcontractors to successfully accomplish our client’s objectives.

We execute every project with precision and client satisfaction.

Walking the Talk:

Here at Alares Construction Inc. we practice what we preach.

For our headquarters building, we installed a 5 kW electric solar panel system that provides up to 20% of our building’s power. In addition, we installed a 12-ton geothermal heating and cooling system that saves up to 40% of our energy consumption.

Lastly, we conducted a lighting retro-fit which further reduced our electrical consumption by 20%. So when we help our clients reduce their energy and greenhouse carbon footprint, we lead by example.

At Alares Construction Inc., quality control and project management
delivery systems ensure

Our Performance is Exemplary

The project would not have run as smoothly without Alares Construction Inc.’s flexibility, professionalism, and experience. It was a pleasure to work with them on this project. We are thrilled with the way our clinic turned out. Alares Construction Inc. has helped us set a new bar for what our expectations are in the future.

– Department of Veteran Affairs